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Natural Tonic Water

A new style of tonic water, made the old way

This tonic is different. Instead of using pure quinine, we extract quinine and other bitter compounds gently and naturally from the bark of the cinchona tree using only water. No chemicals are used whatsoever. This is what gives the tonic its natural amber colour.

This natural extraction creates a bitterness that is delicate and more complicated than just pure quinine. Peculiarly this allows the tonic to showcases your gin much more than any ‘normal’ tonic would.

Handcrafted in Ibiza, we use wild rosemary, yuzu from Japan, and soft spring water from the island’s heart. Wonderfully balanced & refreshing, this new style of tonic water is 100% natural, unique to Ibiza, and designed to highlight the flavour of any gin.

Bitterness: Medium, medicinal, complicated and delicate

Aromatics: Dry & medicinal with a unique balance of herbal and citrus

Sweetness: Natural, rounded, low.